We designed this school to be the new Libyan standard of school design, with 10,000m² divided in four floors with 72 packing Spot and 56 classrooms that could handle 1344 student that makes it one of the largest private school ever build in libya, we made the kinder-garden in the center of our design to make the center focus on young children that need extra attention, and with exposed area to the sunlight and surrounded with landscape outside in it makes it a great place for kids to play. four emergency stairs spread across the the building from 4 sizes for maximum evacuation. the shape of design was made to have more room for both exist sides to gather students to wait for the bus or pick up taking in mind the interaction between students and buses. The Large Library was designed to be in the last floor hanged between east and west side, with large skylight to encourage student to go and read. The 10.000m² Land gave us the freedom to design standard playground on the 70% land so kids could learn and having fun learning and exposing the world around them.

School Internaional Project Plans

Client : AO - School

Client : Motaz Arnauti

Project Area : 10.000m²

Project Area : 450²

Place : Tripoli - Libya

Site Area : Tripoli


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AS VillaResidential

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