We set out to design this school as the new Libyan standard. This school divides 10,000m² across four floors with 72 parking spots and 56 classrooms for 1344 student making it one of the largest private schools ever to be built in Libya.

 The kindergarten has been made the center of our design in order to focus on young children that require extra attention. The sun-bathed courtyard and its landscaping create the perfect place for the kids to play. We suspended the library over the main courtyard to stress the importance of reading and to impact students with the imagery. We maximized natural light throughout the school while limiting direct sunlight to create the ideal environment for study. There are four staircases spaced across the campus for easy evacuation in case of emergency.

School Internaional Project Plans

Client : AO - School

Client : Motaz Arnauti

Project Area : 10.000m²

Project Area : 450²

Place : Tripoli - Libya

Site Area : Tripoli


Saraya ShowroomCommercial

TB2 VillaCommercial

AS VillaResidential

Sharp ShowroomCommercial

Nema BakeryCommercial




Toyota StandCommercial

BV-Villa Residential

M-Villa Residential

Ofoq ShowroomCommercial

T-Villa Residential


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