Inspired by Roman Architecture (Colosseum) this building was designed to have strong appealing from outside, we have implemented various elements to achieve this, we add columns with specific shape tight to the design and high wall on the Entrance and also we made stair way along the entrance, the upward light has also add more strong details to the building where you will sure notice it's presence. on the entrance we added a round shape before the main entrance with a roof top round hole so light can enter in a shape of a beam make the entrance more royal and strong.

Client : TB-Villa

Area : 1200m²

Place : Tripoli - Libya

Site Area : Aien Zara


Saraya ShowroomCommercial

TB2 VillaCommercial

AS VillaResidential

Sharp ShowroomCommercial

Nema BakeryCommercial




Toyota StandCommercial

BV-Villa Residential

M-Villa Residential

Ofoq ShowroomCommercial

T-Villa Residential

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