This project was side effect of Sarya design. located in the land in front of the Saray showroom and with the same business concept and clients, the Sarya Competitor asked us to make a new landmark in front of our first design that looks nothing like it but yet has the eye catching design effect that Saray made on the street. the idea was to design the place where the floor divided by two colors white and gray, when you enter you follow the gray color and it will give you a tour into the stone gallery. light was design to be like an Art display all though its marble we thought to present it as Art, this way client can have more imaginative way to imagine marble in their houses. we choose white background to let marble speaks for it self.

Client : Ofoq Marbles

Project Area : 100²

Place : Tripoli - Libya

Site Area : Tripoli


Saraya ShowroomCommercial

TB2 VillaCommercial

AS VillaResidential

Sharp ShowroomCommercial

Nema BakeryCommercial




Toyota StandCommercial

BV-Villa Residential

M-Villa Residential

Ofoq ShowroomCommercial

T-Villa Residential

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