MA Villa was designed for newlyweds who love to enjoy every moment. The open kitchen connects the house to its green areas so the husband can share his love of cooking with everyone in the house. We designed the living room with a high ceiling so they can enjoy the large landscape view from a warm place. The second floor is designed for rest and relaxation with a terrace opening toward the beautiful, east-facing landscape. The imposing external frame rejects the street as the villa opens into the vast, open backyard to embrace serenity and family.

This concept was rejected due to the limited space. We requested more land to meet the needs of this project and he accepted our second offer.

Project Plans

Client : MA Villa

Project Area : 250²

Place : Tripoli - Libya

Site Area : Tripoli


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TB2 VillaCommercial

AS VillaResidential

Sharp ShowroomCommercial

Nema BakeryCommercial




Toyota StandCommercial

BV-Villa Residential

M-Villa Residential

Ofoq ShowroomCommercial

T-Villa Residential


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