AS Villa is Located West Tripoli in a large farm full of Fruitful trees, our Client special request is to not have any Cubic shape on the design, the design was a cluster of blocks connected to each other with only two hall ways, the large windows of the living room beside the kid’s room make both looking at the landscape and connecting with his children the living room his favorite place to set. the double high men guest room is made for his hoppy to have his whole team gather in one large place where they can interconnect and play. 

The Dining room placed on the east side of the villa where sun rise to have a nice breakfast with family. the training room located also on the east side with large windows to make it a good place to start your day.

We have placed the bedroom both for kids and master bedroom far on the west side connected to living room with long hallway side the lake to enjoy the beautiful caustic light reflected from it making the walking to bedroom an enjoyable experience.

AS – plan

Client : AS Villa

Project Area : 360m²

Place : Tripoli - Libya

Site Area : Tripoli


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